Holocaust Testimonies and the Shoah Foundation

For my podcast, I recapitulated Nechama Schneorson’s Holocuast Testimony as she shared it in partnership with the USC Shoah Foundation. The USC Shoah Foundation is an “Institute for Visual History and Education dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action.” I was able to specifically address the story from the point of view of the Holocaust survivor Nechama Schneorson, who was born in Lithuania in 1929, and who experienced the atrocities of the Holocaust by age 12 when “German soldiers forced the family into a ghetto in Kovno, where Nechama’s sister Ina was murdered, and her remaining family were eventually deported to a concentration camp.” I  included sound effects to heighten her story, such as the sounds of trains and laborers when she talks about these things. Ultimately, I wanted to stay as true to her story as possible, and simply highlight the details for people who wouldn’t normally take the time to comb through extensive holocaust testimonials.


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